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Admission on going

  • POWER BI Training

Introduction to Power BI

  • Downloading & Installing of Power BI
  • Setting Up/Signing Up for Power BI Account
  • Understanding of Architecture in Power BI
  • Report View/Data View/Model View
Ways of Connecting to Data Sources

SharePoint folder/List
SQL Server Database
Azure SQL Database
Power BI Datasets
Power BI Dataflows
Azure Devops (Boards)

Power Query Editor

Query Editor (Transform Data)
Transformations Part 1/2/3/
Setting Datatypes , Grouping Queries
Best Practices
Understanding Behind the scenes of MCode
Dependencies of Queries
Column Distribution
Column Quality
Column Profile

Data Modelling

Understanding the Data Model (Different Types)
Types of Relationships Active & Inactive Relationships
Demo of Inactive Relationship Usage
Cardinality & Direction of the filters
Importance of Data Model
Storage Mode Import Direct Query Dual

  • Understanding DAX
  • Data Types & Operators
  • Formula Syntax , Naming Conventions , Measure Groups,Formatting DAX, Writing Comments
  • Quick Measures vs Normal Measures
  • DAX and Dependency on Data Model &Realtionships
  • Calculated Column Vs Measures
  • Understanding Context/ DAX Engine
  • Evaluation & Initial Context
  • Aggregation or Filter Context
  • Iteration or Row Context
  • DAX Functions
  • Aggregate Functions – Sum/Average/Min/Max/Count/CountBlank/Countrows/DistinctCountetc
  • Iteration Functions – SumX/AverageX/MinX/MaxX
  • Error Handling Functions ( ISBlank,Iferror)
  • Logic Function IF/SWITCH
  • Table Functions (Filters/Values/All/AllExcept/Allselected)Etc
  • CALCULATE function Decoding
  • Date Functions Complete
  • Other Functions like Summarize/Generate/Rankx/TopNetc
  • Different Charts/Visuals Available
  • Line/Area/Matrix/Table/TreeMapetc Charts
  • Slicers
  • Cards
  • Map Visual
  • What If Parameters
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Color Themes for easier and faster formatting
  • Managing Interaction between Visuals
  • Importing Custom Visuals
  • Filtering Across reports
  • Drill Down/Drill through
  • Understanding Bookmarks
  • Analytics Automation Features
  • Develop Power BI Desktop Templates
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